EXCELLO 3225 Michigan Rotoflo Spline Rolling Machine

EX-CELL-O  MICHIGAN Type 3225 Cold Forming Machine.

Serial Number: unknown

Rebuilt /remanufactured 2004 by Simaupro Galicia SL Spain

Country of Origin: USA

For the coldforming of profiles for serrations (straight or angular),

spiral teeth, oil grooves, threads and knurls.


Maximum slide stroke                                               760 mm  30”

Maximum rack length                                                610 mm  24”

Maximum profile diameter                                        38 mm 1.5”

Maximum profile length                                             92  mm 3.625”

Diametral pitch range                                                20/40  32/64

Motor size                                                                   15  Hp (1200 rpm)

Hydraulic tank capacity                                             100 gallons  900 litres

Overall size of machine                                              84 x 79 x 79”

Approximate weight of machine                               22,000 lbs

Complete with: Absolute position encoder for synchronisation of rack slides, Siemens Siematic Touch control, Hydraulically operated outer support assembly to accommodate part length. Universal headstock, Universal rack holding feature. Automatic loading system.

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