GEISS FZ2000x1000 5 axis CNC Trimming Machine

New 2002 Country of origin: Germany

For the processing of plastics.

Serial number 02 20346 New 2002 Country of origin: Germany

With Siemens Sinumerik 840D control.

Auto Tool changer.

Spindle chiller

Vacuum pump for suction table.


Table Size  

1400 x 2480 mm Vacuum table

Axis Path                                                             Express Speeds                                                 Acceleration

X axis travel        2450 mm                             46875 mm/min                                                                 1200 mm/s²

Y axis travel        1400 mm                             40909 mm/min                                                 1200 mm/s²

Z axis travel        800 mm                               60000 mm/min                                                 1200 mm/s²

B axis                     210°                                       8449 °/min                                                          1200 °/s²

C axis                     520°                                       18000 °/min                                                       1200 °/s²

Trimming Spindles                          Maximum Spindle Speed                             Output

Z axis IBAG HF 80                              40,000 rpm                                                         2.3 kW

Connection Values          Power requirement                        Characteristic Values                     Weights

Basis machine                        16.5 kW                                                                                                           3351 kgs

Vacuum pump                        3.6 kW                                            100mɜ/hour                                       100 kgs

Chiller unit                               1.55 kW                                          7.92kj/hour                                        110 kgs

Total power requirement   21.65 kW

Maximum current                 33 amps

Total weight                                                                                                                                                       3561 kgs

Transport dimensions                   Length                                  Width                                   Height

Basic machine                                   4505 mm                             2497 mm                             2416 mm

Power supply                        240/415v 3 ph 50 hz /N/PE

Compressed air                    6 bar , filtered and dry, tube ø9 mm

Machine has service history by UK agents Swanstone.  Spindle bearings and linear slideways on X and Y axis have been replaced at some time.

Available March 2022 due to new machine arrival.

Sale can be negotiated immediately for delivery in Spring 2022.

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