Gleason 24A Coniflex Straight Bevel Gear Generator


Hydraulic Chucking Cylinder
Cutter Setting Gauges
Cutter Blocks
Stock Divider
Rough/Finish Cam
Extra Blades
Change Gears


Longest Cone Distance (1-3/4″ Stroke): 18″
Maximum Pitch Angle (Shafts @ 90 Degrees): 84 Deg. 18′
Minimum Pitch Angle: 5 Deg. 42′
Extreme Ratio: 10 – 1
Maximum Pitch Diameter:
10-1 Ratio: 35-1/2″
Maximum Pitch (Gleason System): 1-1/2 DP
Maximum Face Length: 6″
Stroke Length: 1-1/4″-8″
Minimum Number of Teeth In Miter: 13
Work Spindle Taper: Gleason #60
Spindle Nose To Centerline of Machine: 5″-26″

Floor Space: 74″ x 105″
Net Weight: 24,400#
Gross Weight (Boxed For Export): 26,500#

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