MYFORD MG12 HPT 5 x 12 Cylindrical Grinder

MYFORD MG12 HPT 5 x 12″ Cylindrical Grinder with plunge feed

Serial number HPT 122980ML  New 1980’s Country of origin UK

Rebuilt 2018

Stock number 3460

General Specifications
Maximum grinding diameter 3″
Swing over table 5″
Maximum table travel 13-3/4 Min.
Capacity between centers 12″
Table swivels either way 10 Deg.
Table travel per rev. of handwheel 0.44″
Hydraulic table traverse 0 to 120″/Min.
Dwell (carriage) 0 to 8 Seconds
Coolant capacity (standard machine) 11 gallons
(with clarifier) 23 gallons
Coolant pump motor 1/12 H.P.
Net weight 2,226 Lbs.
Wheelhead (all graduations, on work diameter)
Total travel by feedscrew 3-7/8″
Hydraulic rapid retraction 1-1/8″
In-feed per revolution of handwheel 0.04″
Wheelfeed graduations 0.0002″
Fine feed to dead stop 0.00005″
Total plunge in-feed 0.025″
Plunge feed-rate, max. 0.125″/min
Plunge feed-rate, min. 0.0025″/min
Intermittent in-feed, coarse, max. 0.002″
Intermittent in-feed, fine, min. 0.00005″
Spark out0-50 seconds
Wheel speeds 1830 and 1988 rpm
Grinding wheel (recessed) 12″ x 1-1/2″ x 5″
Minimum wheel diameter for zero work diameter 10″
Wheelhead motor 3 HP Workhead
Workspeeds, steplessly variable 50 to 900 rpm
Capacity through standard drawtube 3/4″
Maximum collet capacity 3/4″ Workhead motor 1/2 HP Hydraulic Power Pack Normal operating pressure 200 Lbs/in Maximum operating pressure 230 Lbs/in Tank capacity 6-1/2 Gallons Pump motor 1/2 HPPlain Workhead and Tailstock
Coolant System
Hyd Tbl Traverse w/ Dwell Ctrl
Hyd Advance/Retract of the Wheelhead Auto Hyd Wheelhead Infeed on Traverse & Plunge Grinding
Sparkout Dwell Timer & Auto Wheelhead Retraction

Location Leicester UK.

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