Gleason 24A Coniflex Straight Bevel Gear Generator

EQUIPPED WITH: Hydraulic Chucking Cylinder Cutter Setting Gauges Cutter Blocks Stock Divider Coniflex Rough/Finish Cam Extra Blades Change Gears SPECIFICATIONS: Longest Cone Distance (1-3/4″ Stroke): 18″ Maximum Pitch Angle (Shafts @ 90 Degrees): 84 Deg. 18′ Minimum Pitch Angle: 5 Deg. 42′ Extreme Ratio: 10 – 1 Maximum Pitch Diameter: 10-1 Ratio: 35-1/2″ Maximum Pitch […]

Gleason Pfauter GP 200 S Five Axis Gear Shaper

New 2002 Manufactured in USA EQUIPPED WITH: Fanuc 160iM Electronic Non-Contact Stock Divider Extended Tailstock Programmable Tilt Column 4″ Riser Hydraulic Work Clamping Cutter Adaptor Deburr Tool Chip Conveyor Smoke & Mist Collector CE Mark SPECIFICATIONS: Workpiece Diameter, Nominal: 200 mm Workpiece Swing, Maximum: 350 mm Face Width, Maximum: 100 mm Module Nominal: 5 mm […]

Gleason 108 Hypoid Gear Generator

GLEASON 108 Hypoid Gear GeneratorSerial Number 656213Country of origin USA New 1967 Complete rebuild by Curdworth in July 2000 with revised electrics and retrofitted Danfoss VLT5000 frequency converter.With various change gears , work holding arbors and universal stock dividing guage.CAPACITY:Diametral pitch (coursest) DP 4 6.34 modCone distance maximum (30° spiral angleand 7½” cutter) 5¼” 133 […]

SYKES 5E Herringbone Gear Generator

Class Gear Generator – Double Helical, Herringbone Type Horizontal Year 1970’s Stock Control 3631 Price (Price On Application) Description SYKES 5E Gear Generator SYKES Model 5E HORIZONTAL MULTI-CUTTER HIGH PRODUCTION GEAR GENERATOR Serial No.MP 124/13         (1975) CAPACITY: Pitch range:- Max……………………                  16 D.P.              1.6 Mod Min……………………                  1.5 D.P.              17 Mod Helix angle range……………………                  0 – 45 Work […]

GLEASON 520 Angular Hypoid Lapper

Class Gear Machinery Type Hypoid Lapper Year 1969 Stock Control 3487A Click Here to download current specification. Price (Price On Application) Description GLEASON 520 Angular Hypoid Lapper MODEL 520 GLEASON ANGULAR HYPOID GEAR LAPPER EQUIPPED WITH: Hydraulic Power Hydraulic Chucking Automatic Preset Backlash Two-Speed Motor & Conctrol SPECIFICATIONS: Max. Diameter of Gear: 30″ Gear Diameter […]