Gleason 24A Coniflex Straight Bevel Gear Generator

EQUIPPED WITH: Hydraulic Chucking Cylinder Cutter Setting Gauges Cutter Blocks Stock Divider Coniflex Rough/Finish Cam Extra Blades Change Gears SPECIFICATIONS: Longest Cone Distance (1-3/4″ Stroke): 18″ Maximum Pitch Angle (Shafts @ 90 Degrees): 84 Deg. 18′ Minimum Pitch Angle: 5 Deg. 42′ Extreme Ratio: 10 – 1 Maximum Pitch Diameter: 10-1 Ratio: 35-1/2″ Maximum Pitch […]

Gleason 108 Hypoid Gear Generator

GLEASON 108 Hypoid Gear GeneratorSerial Number 656213Country of origin USA New 1967 Complete rebuild by Curdworth in July 2000 with revised electrics and retrofitted Danfoss VLT5000 frequency converter.With Helical Motion, various change gears , work holding arbors and universal stock dividing guage.CAPACITY:Diametral pitch (coursest) DP 4 6.34 modCone distance maximum (30° spiral angleand 7½” cutter) […]