LAPOINTE MARAND 340E Spline Rolling Machine

Serial Number W03004/M15299 New 2003 Country of origin UK Electric drive Marand 340 automatic spline roller with underarm mounted tailstock, and powered headstock with encoder feedback, with Siemens C7-634DP PLC controller, 611U position controlled rolling racks, blade rolling tailstock control, powered headstock with absolute position encoder, Slide length 1494 mm Slide stroke 1270 mm Throat […]

EXCELLO MICHIGAN Rotoflo 3237 Spline Rolling Machine

MICHIGAN Rotoflo Type 3237 Cold Forming Machine. Original Serial Number: 4590 ExCello Serial Number 3888 New 1975 rebuilt by ExCello late 1990’s Country of Origin: USA For the coldforming of profiles for serrations (straight or angular), spiral teeth, oil grooves, threads and knurls. Capacity: Maximum slide stroke                                     1065 mm Maximum rack length                                     915 mm Maximum […]